After four years of applying art therapy in palliative care and a brief excursion into the world of cultural management, I am currently working as an art therapist in a large psychiatric clinic in NRW.
In 2011 I finished my Bachelor in Art Therapy in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Furthermore I am trained in bereavement support (Hogeschool Utrecht) and psycho-oncology (PsyOnko Cologne). In 2018 I gained the degree of alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Düsseldorf) and my master’s degree in culture, aesthetics, media (HS Düsseldorf).


Late in 2012 I held my first iPad in my hands and immediately wondered whether this device might be suitable for facilitating Art Therapy. Countless creative apps strengthened this assumption. Thus, I began getting familiar with the topic and started using the iPad during Arts Therapy with my patients.

Ever since the iPad is a steady part of my art therapy repertoire and I’m still excited about the various forms and settings in which it can be used.


While researching about Digital Art Therapy I quickly discovered (back in 2013) that there is a scarcity of literature available about the use of tablet devices within Art Therapy to date. I also felt a lack of opportunities to learn from others’ experiences or to exchange experiences with colleagues about the topic.

This is how I came up with the idea for this website. It is supposed to offer a platform for learning about the possibilities of Digital Art Therapy but also to encourage exchange around the topic- after all, working with a tablet device is only one of many potential applications!

I am looking forward to your feedback, questions or hints and would hope to eventually develop a new network about the use of digital media within Art Therapy together with you.

portret Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann